Indemnización Global is the leading European company specialising in compensation claims.

We are an independent company intent on obtaining the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. This compensation is often considerably reduced by the efforts of insurance companies to increase their profits by avoiding payment of part of the money that you are entitled to receive.

Indemnización Global was created as a response to the abuses to which all those people who are entitled to receive some kind of compensation are often subjected, in some cases due to a lack of information and in others because of the particularly difficult time that they are going through or their emotional state. Furthermore, it does not seem logical, or reasonable, for professionals working for the insurance companies to be the ones who assess the claim, defend the interests of the company, and ultimately decide on the amount of compensation to be awarded (one cannot be both judge and jury).

At Indemnización Global we work in the interests of our clients to ensure that they receive the maximum compensation to which they are entitled, with no deductions. In order to do this we have the best human and material resources: excellent professionals with extensive experience and in-depth training in the compensation field (doctors, lawyers, claims adjusters, computer technicians and administration staff), and a highly streamlined system of work and sophisticated computer management system.

The way our company works is defined by and for our clients and their satisfaction is what matters most to us.